Mobile Workforce Solutions

The Relocation Department (TRD) provides Global Mobility benefits administration, management, processing, financial reporting, expense processing, payroll reporting, tax reporting, home sale program administration, appraisal order and review, equity processing, reconciliation services, and policy consulting.

TRD is a privately held corporation with no exclusive network relationships. The Mobility Director manages our carefully selected and highly collaborative vendor network or can manage your current network of providers. As one point of contact, the Director facilitates and initiates all the services required based on the employees’ policies, stays in communication with each supplier throughout the process and ensures consistent service delivery.

Our Clients benefit from the knowledge that all vendor selections are based on performance history and value driven service, combined with Client preference (if applicable) and a fair assessment of service, quality and price.

U.S. Domestic Relocation

  • Departure Counseling
  • Destination Counseling
  • Program Management
  • Home Marketing Assistance
  • Policy Development
  • Group Move Coordination
  • Closing Services
  • Area Tours & Househunting
  • Home Purchase Assistance
  • Lump Sum Management
  • Appraisal Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Renter’s Assistance
  • Mortgage Assistance
  • Temporary Housing
  • Financial Administration
  • Household Goods Moving
  • Pet Transportation
  • Dual-Career Assistance
  • Pre-Hire/Transfer Counseling
  • Area Orientation Services
  • COLA Calculation
  • Mortgage Subsidy Programs
  • Airport Transfers & Car Rentals

Global Relocation

  • Pre-Decision & Cost Estimate
  • COLA Calculation
  • Homesale Program Management
  • Immigration and Tax Coordination
  • Household Goods Transportation
  • Expense Management
  • Property Management
  • Area Orientation & Destination Services
  • Temporary Living
  • Airport Transfers / Car Rental / Car Leasing / Chauffeur Service
  • Language & Cultural Training
  • Spouse/Partner Support & Education Support
  • Ongoing Assignment & Repatriation Support

Additional Services

As a Human Resource Company that specializes in Global Mobility Services, TRD can provide several unique offerings:
  • Lump Sum Move Technology
  • Program Design Consulting
  • RFP Management
  • Group Move Management

Contact us to discuss a program based on your needs.


Striving for continuous service excellence, technological innovation and sustainability

The Relocation Department has reinvented our provision of exclusive custom mobility management outsourcing options:

  • Contract Mobility Director Program
  • Moving Support Center (MSC) for Lump Sum only relocation benefit management
  • Proprietary expense tracking and reporting software
  • Web Tools for paperless expense processing
  • Virtual file architecture