Contract Mobility DirectorTM Program


Best Practices In Total Relocation Outsourcing


TRD is a leading provider of contractual mobility resources. The key to our superlative reputation to employ best practices in doing business since 1993 is our unique array of programs that create custom mobility management models, proprietary technologies, unparalleled flexibility and internal customer service.


Hire Contract Employees versus Shop for Services


The recently created Contract Mobility Director program eliminates viewing mobility management services as commodities subject to costly, time consuming and often unproductive Request For Proposal processes. Instead, obtaining the specialized expertise to manage and administer mobility benefits is viewed as a hiring decision – selecting a member or members of TRD’s HR Support Group to serve as Mobility Director/s. Human Resources Executives may “fill the job requisitions” for Mobility Directors after interview and evaluation of qualifications.


Employment Commitment versus Service Provider


The Mobility Director integrates with clients’ cultures and accepts full job responsibilities for all corporate mobility management activities:


  • Highly qualified Mobility Directors supported by full TRD staff and principals
  • Flexibility to rapidly respond to relocation volume fluctuations without hiring or firing
  • Reporting relationship versus service partner – accountability, integration
  • Client dictated functional models
  • Internal customer service – collegial relationships
  • Cost effectiveness – minimal transactional staffing fees versus payroll costs
  • 100% satisfied service record – extraordinary relocation experiences

HR Support Group